Mar 15 2011

Information Overload

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I get too much information.

I probably scan 200+ emails/day passing through my Inbox at work (in that I at least check the subject line before I archive it).

I probably read 100 or so emails, in my Inbox or in various folders.

Google has a pretty active internal Buzz community.

I typically read or scan 20-50 bug reports per day.

Outside of work there’s much less: I check Google News a few times per day, I keep up with a much smaller Buzz stream externally.  Sometimes I try to keep up with Google Reader although I should trim down my subscriptions.

I’m surprised I can deal with it, and I wonder what I can do to make it better, besides “cut back on how much mail I let people send to me.”

Not sure where I’m going with this, but sometimes it just feels good to type instead of read.

Mar 13 2011


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It’s a bit late for my annual New Year’s resolution of doing more writing, or at least trying to generate some content instead of consuming it from the Internet.

In any case, I should at least ping in here.

I’m back in the U.S. (for nearly a year now), still at Google, have shifted projects a few times, etc.

This year, we’re going to try to buy a house.

Jul 11 2010

Found the old theme, too…

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So far I’m fairly impressed by WordPress’s organization. It seems to be pretty easy to put together all the old stuff and get the site up and running again.

And of course, this time around I’ll have better backups.

Jul 05 2010

Aaaannnd we’re back.

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I managed to pretty much not post a single update during my time in Australia. Crazy. We’ll see if I can reverse this.

Also, we were hacked just as we arrived back from Australia, and it took me a few weeks to get around to putting things back together. I’m yet to recover the themes, but at least I’ve got the content back in place.

Nov 02 2009

Alas, no rest for the wicked

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Well, I guess that’s not entirely true.  Anyway, while I felt like I was, a few months ago, about to usher in a whole new era of cranking out regular content, ranging from book reports to musings on my Australian adventure, that is yet to come.

I’ve been pretty busy with work.  And family.  And all kinds of other stuff.

Perhaps, one day, I shall have the time to sit in a coffee shop with a nice strong espresso and pour my deepest thoughts onto the Internet.  Perhaps I will, instead, pour some useful content onto the Internet, and some will like it.  In the meantime, I must work for the man.